Amaz 02XY
( High Quality Oxygen Releaser )

Our product AMAZ O2XY contains High quality oxygen releaser which releases oxygen when applied in the pond. The product’s oxygen stability (increased O2 level) is maintained few hours after application.

When to Apply:-

  • Amaz o2xy is act as an oxdizing agent which oxidises toxic gases in the pond.
  • The animals are in stress and need more oxygen during moulting.
  • Amaz o2xy will help animal to relieve from DO stress and toxic gas
Amazing Biotech Private Limited

Benefits of Amaz-O2XY

  • It increases dissolved oxygen level.
  • It releases aquatic animal from DO stress.
  • Assists in degrading the organic waste.
  • Assists in Moulting.
Amazing Biotech Private Limited Amazing Biotech Private Limited

Directions for Use:

Mix Amaz – O2xy with sand and apply entire surface of the pond.

Usage Recommendation

1 to 2kg / 1 Acre / 1 meter water depth (or) consult your Aqua Consultant.

500 gms to 1 kg/acre/1meter water depth every full moon, molting stress period (or) consult your aqua consultant.

Package Size: 1 kg /10 kg / 50 kg

Amazing Biotech Private Limited