Sodium chloride, salt containing potassium monoper sulphate, potassium hydrogen, sulphate / potassium1sulphate, buffer and excipients.


Shrimp ponds to aid even distribution prepare 5% stock solution of pond-klean using fresh water leave for 60 minutes and spilt into smaller quantities distribute over entire pond area near aeration paddles if possible

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#Reservoir pond-1-1.2ppm: (Add product to pond 24-72 hours before adding or reticulating to the grow-out pond)

#Pond preparation-1.2ppm: (96 hours before introduction of PL allowing for algal bloom)

#Grow-out pond-0.5-1.3ppm: (Every 7-10days.discontinu dosage at least 7 days prior to harvest)

#Recycle water-1.2ppm: (On dischargel)

Benefits of Pond Klean

  • Powerful against all viruses, fungi and bacteria.
  • Complete control of pond water column.
  • Controls luminescent bacterias.
  • Maintain the water quality.
  • It can be given at all stages of culture right from pond preparation till end of culture, does not cause any stress to animals protects the pond during severe white spot diseases in nearby ponds do not crash of algae blooms


Content: Store in tightly closed container in a cool dry place away from children. Sweep up powder spillage. Flush residual powder away with plenty of water


Avoid the powder coming into contact with skin, eyes and the respiratory system. Handle in such a way as to minimize dust release. Do not mix with other chemicals. Wash out container and dispose of safely. When prolonged contact with metal surface is expected, rinse with clean water .rinse application equipment after use

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Package Size: 500 Gm