Vibrio PCR

Our Vibrio kit in order to find and quantify Vibrio problem in both hatchery and farm section. We quantify both Luminescent strain of Vibrio (Vibrio harveii) and opportunistic pathogen strain (V. parahaemolyticus). To provide better service, we merged with plating method and qRTPCR method the find the associated problems caused by Vibrio. Recently, few of the white faecal disease are associated with vibrio toxin. Hence, we used this method to understand the real cause of the problem and give solution accordingly.

Sample collection: for Farm animal – Animal Gut: For seeds – Whole animal The kit has been validated in our Research and Development Unit with various samples around India.

Vibrio assay in aqua pond water sample

The filtered quantity of pond water was assayed with qRT-PCR quantification. We are testing various samples to find better correction among the sample.

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LAMP assay kit

Insulated isothermal PCR (iiPCR) will be launched soon