A Biochemical Compounds to treat Parasitical Infection & Algal Attachments

Our Amaz – Zooter contains a mixture of high quality Biochemical compounds which have the components to control protozoan infections, algal attachments on the shrimp surface, reduces the bacterial load in the pond and also improves the water quality of the pond.

Amazing Biotech Private Limited


  • Controls the Protozoan Infections.
  • Controls the Algal Attachment of Shrimp.
  • Reduce the Bacterial Load.
  • Improves the Water Quality.
  • Improves growth rate.

Directions for Use

Mix the Amaz – Zooter with 40 litres clean water and spread the solution around the entire surface of the pond.

Usage Recommendation

Use 100-200ml/ 1 Acre or Consult your Aqua Consultant.

Package Size: 500 ml

Amazing Biotech Private Limited