AMAZ – Liquid Pro + Contains :

Various Bacillus species, Nitrobacter, Nitrosomonas, Rhodococcus, Rhodobactor and liquid Minerals.

Amazing Biotech Private Limited

Benefits of Liquid Pro + :

  • Helps in rapid decomposition of organic waste in the pond system.
  • Controls vibrio and other Pathogenic Micro organisms.
  • Effectively reduces Ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide, Nitrate, Nitrite and other toxic gases.
  • Maintains Plankton level and pH.
  • Reduces water exchange.
  • Improves growth of Animal and FCR.

Usage Methods (Day by Day):

1st Day: Apply AMAZ-Liquid Pro+ no1
2nd Day: No Applications.
3rd Day: Apply AMAZ-Liquid Pro+ no2
4th Day: No Applications.
5th Day: Apply AMAZ-Liquid Pro+ no3
6th Day: No Applications.
7th Day: Apply AMAZ-Liquid Pro+ no4
8th, 9th, 10th Day: No Applications.
Again start the same rotation for 1st day.

Usage Recommendations

500ml- 1ltr/1acre/one metre water depth.

Package Size: 5 Lt / 20 Lt

Amazing Biotech Private Limited