Vibrio is commonly occurring bacteria in shrimp aquaculture pond. There are several species in Vibrio which cause huge problem in both hatchery & pond. V. harveii, V. Parahaemolyticus are mostly found in association with shrimp diseases. Vibrio produces toxin which reduces the survival rate, cause severe economical loss to the farmers

Clinical Signs : Associated with several diseases. Tail necrosis, shell disease, red disease, loose shell syndrome (LSS) and white gut disease (WGD). Hypoxic, show reddening of the body with red to brown gills, and reduce feeding

Mode of transmission : Opportunistic bacteria.

Mortality : Survival loss in hatchery. Opportunistic bacteria cause mortality/survival loss.

At present, there is no remedy for WSSV, IHHNV, and EHP disease so far. Vibrio is another major problem in the industry. Early detection and prevention are the only way to tackle these diseases in shrimp aquaculture. Our team develops qPCR kit for the rapid detection of these viruses. The kit has been validated in our Research and Development Unit with various samples around India.