Diagnostic kit – Overview

Despite the tremendous growth in world production of cultivated shrimp, there have also been staggering, periodic losses due to disease. Among these, White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV), Infectious Hypodermal and Hematopoietic Necrosis Virus (IHHNV) and Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) are major setback diseases in the shrimps which could affect production and quality of seeds in hatcheries. Though, Taura syndrome virus (TSV), Yellow head virus (YHV), white feces syndrome (WFS), hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) are emerging periodically and it affects the total economic growth. At present, Indian shrimp industry depends on the diagnostic kits/tools that have been designed and tested in foreign countries which are cost wise high and it cannot be affordable. Also, there is continuous changes of genetic drift occur in geographical locations, some diagnostic tool may mislay their sensitivity. Keeping this in view, Amazing Biotech Pvt Ltd put the efforts on these aspects to develop the indigenous diagnostic tools for all major aquaculture diseases. In this pipeline our eminent scientific team meticulously designed diagnostic kits for WSSV, IHHNV, EMS, WFS and Vibrio (V. Harveii, V. parahaemolyticus). These kits are cost effective especially 20% lesser than the available market price, easy to use with high accuracy and reproducibility. For

WSSV detections kits– Highly conserved expressive region of the pathogen’s genome is a target for the identification of the disease. Three types of kits viz, Amaze WSSV qRT- PCR kit, Amaze WSSV nested PCR kit are available. The accuracy of our RT PCR kit is able to detect <14 virions /sample.

IHHNV detections kits – Most significant ORFs of the pathogen’s genome will be captured for the detection of IHHNV. The sensitivity of the kit is able to detect <14 virions /sample. Three types of kits Amaze IHHNV qRT- PCR kit, Amaze IHHNV nested PCR kit are available.

EMS detection kits – Substantial up-regulating pathogen toxin gene markers have been captured and embedded in the EMS diagnostic kits. The detection range is as similar with our previous kits

WFS (EHP) detection kits – The specialized kit can able to detect Microsporidian, a protozoan infection in the grown animal and in seeds. The detection range is <14 virions /sample. We tested our kit with various treated ponds in order to understand the infection levels after treatment.

Vibrio Kit – We are proudly say, we launched our Vibrio kit in order to find and quantify Vibrio problem in both hatchery and farm section. We quantify both Luminescent strain of Vibrio ( Vibrio harveii) and opportunistic pathogen strain (V. parahaemolyticus). To provide better service, we merged with plating method and qRT-PCR method the find the associated problems caused by Vibrio. Recently, few of the white faecal disease are associated with vibrio toxin. Hence, we used this method to understand the real cause of the problem and give solution accordingly.

Samples: for Farm animal – Animal Gut: For seeds – Whole animal The kit has been validated in our Research and Development Unit with various samples around India.


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