Sodium chloride, salt containing potassium monoper sulphate, potassium hydrogen, sulphate / potassium sulphate, buffer and excipients.

Dosage Recommendation

1) 1-5ppt slinity – 2.5kg/ha
2) 5-10ppt salinity – 8-10kg/1ha
3) 10-15ppt salinity – 10-12kg/ha
4) 15-20ppt salinity – 12-15kg/1ha
5) 20-30ppt and above – 15-20kg/1ha

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Benefits of Pond Klean

  • Help in reducing water hardness effectively.
  • Help in binding ions in water.
  • Help in inducing the moulting process in shrimps.
  • Helps for better survival FCR and growth.


Content: Store in a cool dry place, and close the pack after us.

Direction For Use

Use pond softner during day time between 12 noon to 2pm for better results.

Mix pond softner with sufficient water and then apply to the pond water surface area.

Package Size: 500 Gm

Amazing Biotech Private Limited